Getting to know you. Lily’s Surprise

I thought I knew all there was to know about me, or at least the most important things to know about me, I hate peas, my favorite color is blue, I’m allergic to cats but I love them, I would rather read a book than watch TV, I’m liberal but not too political, I am a socialist at heart and I adore music and art. I’m confident, quiet, diplomatic and easy to get-along-with. When Jess said she wanted to catch a movie with me earlier this afternoon, I didn’t realize I was going to learn something entirely new about myself.

I parked farther from the entrance than I normally would since we were going to get a bite to eat after the movie and I wanted to get a little exercise in as a result. I walked slowly to the glass doors standing like soldiers in groups of two; entrance only/exit only in four panels on the red building’s side. I liked what they had done to the place but it was still a little strange to pull into the lot and not see the old bowling alley next to the old awful theater space. The wind was a bit nippy as I scanned the mostly empty parking lot to see if Jess was just arriving before I tucked my scarf more snugly against my neck. I liked Jess, she was funny, smart and easy to work with at the art shop where we were both employed and best of all she had almost exactly the same movie tastes that I did. I admired her confident easy manner and the way almost nothing seemed to faze her. She attended classes at the local community college for a massage therapy certification, I was in between school sessions working on my thesis to continue my studies in sociology and found myself more and more frustrated with my course of study, wishing I could spend more time painting, my passion. Pretty much all the employees at the art shop were artistic in some degree or other and we would all occasionally pitch in on group projects when we had the spare time. I didn’t get to know Jess very well until several months after she started work there. I guess she was just so overwhelmed with her schoolwork that she didn’t really concentrate much attention on other things.

Our workplace was similar to just about every other workplace in this country in that we would usually spend our few idle moments engaged in personal chats and various opinion based discussions, the favorite subject almost always in first place was our relationships, present, past and what we hoped for in the future and while generally everyone in the place would tell a tale here or there of their adventures in the love bracket, I noticed that Jess was pretty much the only one of us who wouldn’t really discuss her love life at length. I just believed she was either shy, uncomfortable or an honorable sort of person who preferred not to discuss personal details.

Little could I imagine that it was because she didn’t feel entirely comfortable talking about her romantic encounters  at length, particularly since she didn’t know exactly how all of us at work would react.  (Don’t worry I’m getting to that, 😛 )

I shivered a bit more before I finally spotted Jess and walked over to her car, relieved we’d be getting into the warm indoors very shortly. She hopped out and gave me a quick hug and peck on the cheek.

“Sorry, I’m running so late, there was loads and loads of bloody traffic! How I despise holiday shoppers!’ Her rant was a familiar subject especially at work so I only laughed and hooked my arm under hers, pulling her along in my search for heat.

“No worries darling, we’ve got loads of time, besides I think I’m more excited to spend some time with you away from work, never mind the movie!” She slowed down a slight bit as I said this, giving me a very hard to read look.  I raised an eyebrow in response. “Something wrong Jess?”

“Oh. Nope. Everything’s fine. Let’s hurry on with the movie, I’m starving!” With that she forcibly dragged me into the theater and sneakily paid for the both of us, which left me exasperated as I hated feeling like I owed anyone, but then relented when I said I would be buying dinner after and no arguments could convince me otherwise. The movie was so-so, funny in some places and falling flat in others, not really my favorite genre of movie either (romantic comedy) but honestly there wasn’t much that was interesting to watch currently playing. We did spend a considerable amount of time making fun of parts of the movie a la MST3000. (If you’re not sure what that is, you are obviously not a geek). Unfortunately (or perhaps luckily?) for us, almost all of the restaurants were closed by the time we got out of the theater. I started swearing a blue streak but Jess shyly suggested we go back to her apartment where she said she’d “Cook up a mean Mac and Cheese… and pair it with perfectly horrendous cheap beer…. ” (if I were interested that is). By this point, I was fairly starving and the idea of a nice hot cheesy meal, paired with alcohol truly appealed to me so I agreed and followed her car to her apartment .

She showed me into her cute and tiny (all apartments in this town are rather small) one-bedroom studio apartment. Like most of my friends who lived and worked here, her apartment was on the 3rd floor and required outside stairs to enter. Her cat instantly took a shining to me and started rubbing against my pants. “Of course your cat likes me, I’m allergic to her!” I mocked complained as I bent to give the purr-engine a rub.

She smiled at me impishly. “You’ll prolly not have any problems with Ivy, she’s one of those… um hypoallergenic cats, the kind that don’t really have allergens for people to have histamine reactions with.” I followed her the scant three feet into her tiny kitchen, there was just enough room for the both of us and some little space to maneuver. We chatted absent-mindedly about work stuff as we both helped cook some mac and cheese and steamed some broccoli to go along. We were also both drinking rather fast since we were so hungry and by the time the food was cooked I realized I’d probably had too much to drink, and wouldn’t be able to drive home. I was a bit embarrassed by this fact and stuffed my mouth with food so I could give myself time to think or sober up a bit, before I would have to admit to Jess that I was as tipsy as I was.

Almost as if she were reading my mind, she paused after swallowing and smiled at me. “Lily, you can sleep on my futon if you’re not ok to go home right now. I have the day free tomorrow and I don’t mind.”

I felt my cheeks flush with a curious mixture of gratitude and … what seemed to be excitement. “Are you sure that’d be ok with you Jess? I don’t wanna be a bother…” I’d long since finished my plate as I was so nervous about being tipsy. She tilted her head and regarded me with that same serious expression as she’d previously had on her face, the silence between us became heavy, not awkward… just full of something I couldn’t define.

Finally she spoke, her voice strangely husky, her eyes darting away from my own. “Do you want to stay the night?”

The air in the room suddenly felt as dense as syrup. Something was charging the room with massive potential. I was curious to see where this was going, and I was starting to think there was more to the question than what I’d heard. “Yes.” I said clearly, quietly and at this point very much soberly. Her eyes quickly flashed to mine and as our gazes met, I felt a liquid warmth in my chest and in my belly, a flash of heat like nothing I’d ever experienced before. I’d just agreed to something. But what?

“Ok…. um. Let me show you where it is and I’ll….. just… get some sheets and pillows for you, follow me.” The last was said in a rush. I bemused, stood  up and followed after her. She went through her small living room and into her bedroom for a minute (presumably to get said sheets and pillows). I could hear her slightly murmuring to herself but couldn’t quite make out words so in curiosity I followed her into her room. She didn’t notice me and bumped into me as she was backing away from her closet door. In pure reflex I grabbed her arm to steady her and almost staggered at the sensation of her hot skin under my hand. She had completely frozen, her entire body tense. I noticed she was … shaking slightly as her gaze took in my hand still (unnecessarily) upon her arm, and then moved to my eyes. As soon as we made eye contact I felt heat blazing from her and released my hand, uncertain as to what I should do. My continued stare seemed to push her into action. She dropped the sheets and pillows in her hands and stepped closer to me, moving slowly… like she was afraid I’d move away. I was fixated, fascinated and could not have moved away at that moment if I had wanted to. (Which btw would not have been the case)

“Are you scared of me?” She said with a raised eyebrow, like she was daring me to admit I was, all the while she moved closer to me, til there was naught but an inch or two between us. I couldn’t pull my eyes from hers until she was suddenly so close to me that naturally my gaze was drawn to her mouth, inches from my own, and I could feel a vast hotness building inside me.  “No….” I croaked from a throat that had gone dry.  And immediately I wanted to taste her.  She beat me to it, evaporating the small distance between us until her soft, velvet lips met my own, pressing with a gentle intensity and heat that I’d never experienced with any of my boyfriend’s kisses. The unfamiliar heat dragged a small moan from my mouth and she pressed her body up against my own, her unexpected action made me open my mouth to her and then suddenly her tongue was on mine, thrusting back and forth the both of our hot mouths. I felt my knees get weak and shaky then as a wave of liquid desire hotter and fiercer than anything I’d ever felt before came over me.

I had to break away for a second (with great reluctance). “I… can… um we sit down please? I think I’m about to fall over.” Her look of alarm was replaced with amused relief as she took my hand and led me her bed, where we both sat down. And she pushed me flat onto my back and once again her luscious mouth was on my own, her tongue, a hot slippery delight. I could feel myself getting wet and moaned helplessly as she snaked a hand under my shirt and onto my breast. “Please don’t stop….” I whispered as she paused to lift my shirt up. “I don’t intend to Lily.”

I leaned back in awe of the powerful responses she was causing my body, I felt like fire made solid, and wiggled as she slowly started licking and kissing her way up to my chest. My heart started to triple time as she sucked a nipple into her mouth, waves of pleasure undulating through me. She took her time giving each of my breasts tender, intense attention until I was almost begging her to take me. I was so wet, I swear to god there were eight oceans that day.  She took her time, fully enjoying my impatience and teasing me, but wouldn’t let me take my pants and undies off, instead insisting she get to “peel you naked… like I’ve been dreaming to do for such a long time.”  I was so worked up by this time I could barely nod, nevermind argue.  She deftly peeled my clothes off til my lower torso was naked and trembling with excitement before her. I was hot as hell but still rather shy, and she knew it, so she just gently stroked my hips, my stomach, my buttocks. Slow smoothing, soothing strokes like one uses to calm anxious animals… (perhaps that’s exactly what I was at that moment in time). Finally I had lost my apprenhension and let my hips naturally relax and open up to her. She took a very deep breath, inhaling with concentration. “Dear lord Lily, you smell divine!” Her words caused another flood of heat from my center and I could feel moisture drenching my slicked skin. No one had ever said such words to me and I was delighted by the implication that I smelled delectable.

She gently spread my legs open wider with soft pressure on my hips and I eagerly followed her unspoken demands.  I waited an eternity and then I felt her hot mouth on me, her tongue working across my wet folds, she slipped it inside me for a second, tasting, teasing before she moved up to capture my clit.  I was immobile from the shock. I’d had oral sex before but never like this! She knew what to do with her tongue and her mouth, moving constantly over my skin, feeling what made me quiver uncontrollably. She worked on my flesh like she had frenchkissed me earlier, putting heat and pressure and speed into it. The way she worked me, it took her mere minutes to have me come, screaming as the magnitude of the orgasm rocked my body… and then she kept me coming for a full two minutes after, until my clit was so sensitive it almost hurt for her to lick it, and I made a sound of sorts, which caused her to slow her motions.

I lay quivering on the bed, gloriously spent, yet also curiously full and sated, like I’d had the most magnificient meal after having gone hungry for months, maybe even years. Jess was doing her soothing massage strokes on me again… she looked up at me almost anxiously. “Lily?” she said softly “what now my darling?”

I grabbed her hands and pulled her face up to mine so I could savagely kiss her. When we pulled away for breath I answered.

“Now, it’s my turn. Take your clothes off!”

To be continued?…..