I’ve come to understand a bit of life that I was previously quite ignorant of. I understand how it’s so easy to mistake infatuation for love but pure love, real love has exactly zero requisites and requirements… no expectations and no obligations. True love, pure love exists only to exist, the object of one’s focus is not an obsession but a reflection of something that inspires you, else you would not be feeling love, merely lust or attraction.

And yet I am human, of the flesh and I am weak, not that I need physical intimacy, only that I almost need a reassurance that my emotional investment is safe, even if ever there exists only a friendship between us, it’s so terribly easy for hearts to be mishandled once they’ve been entrusted to another. And yes that is how I feel. I love you and I do yearn for you but the love I have is so great that your happiness is what matters most to me and I shall strive only ever for that. But please do be gentle with the openness I have thus gifted you, I am sensitive and I can handle a lot but I feel more naked in all ways now than I ever have before in my life. I have presented myself to you, please even if you never open the gift, keep it someplace where it cannot shatter by accident. And if it be for some reason by your intent, well if that brings you happiness then follow your heart always and forever.