It’s not too hard to tell

I fucked up bad

and know it well

the signs

already begin

to show

a drawing away

a defensive tone


of all held dear

and I am sinking


and faster now

I’ve managed

to slice away

all who could be

a lifevest.

I am


in a world

of isolation

I helped to create

and hope

my heart

finally withers away.

Silence of a lamb

The same mistake

repeating over again,

no other associations

exist for me

other than

good friend.

My heart hurts

almost more than I can bear

I have all the wrong words

for speech

and wish I could

just fade into the air.

I must become

empty entire

vacate my




until there are no handholds

for sorrow to grasp

for love to fail

for a spirit

to ache.

I am done.