Reality is a mutual concept.

Welcome to the universe you helped create! Below you’ll find
tools to further your survival,
pay no mind to the cameras they are merely there for safety.
Mind the vegetation
things get sticky.


Bitter truth vs. syrupy lies

Hello you
you know who you are
you said you would take me to such heights,
yet you took things too far
I wan’t the one
making the fuss
about putting a label to you and I
and the three of us,
all I asked you
before anything began
be completely honest, candid
rather than
deceptive in any way
I thought you would do it
yet you lied so clearly
which backstabbed me twice
rather than be straightforward
with me…
telling me you haven’t the time
to fullfill my needs
not even having the human decency
to offer compassion
knowing a death caused me grief
I was fine with just fucking
could’ve left it at that
you were the one
who threw the curve ball
and hit me straight at bat
then to lie and say it’s a lack of time?
You should’ve been honest
said “Look we decided we aren’t that into you..”
Or whatever the fuck the real problem was
because it makes my heart hammer
to see you online “cruising” because
you haven’t the guts nor the time
to be real to me,
when you have the time to go looking
for another tasty…
What the fuck did you want
when you expressed interest in me?
Why bother with buildup
if you’d no serious intent
it’s not like I was clueless
to being an experiment.
But lying to me…
and with cruel timing as well,
karma’s a bitch
trust me
time will tell.

Getting to know you. A reward for Jess.

I let my eyes follow her hands as Jess quickly shed her clothes, lingering on the smooth planes of slightly freckled skin. I was fascinated by the swaying motion of her full round breasts, having never truly looked at another woman’s body in such an open manner.
“Your eyes are opened huge!” she said with a teasing grin. I motioned her to lie down flat. “That’s because I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing a body as gorgeous as yours.” Her body was truly lovely, sparsely freckled white skin covering nicely toned musculature with just enough body fat to soften her body for a nearly flawless physique. Feeling bold I straddled her thighs, sucking in a breath of pleasure as the movement rubbed against my still wet opening. She grinned up at me, a dark lust shining from her eyes as her hands grabbed my hips and she wiggled slightly to cause my lubricated folds to slide on her skin again. I grabbed a hand and held it before kissing it gently. “Please wait on that, you’ve already taken me to heaven tonight, it’s my turn to return the favor.”
I leaned over her torso and started slowly sucking on her neck, nibbling and biting.”Lily please mark me!”The words tumbled out in a shy voice, her body already starting a bucking motion against mine. Choosing a spot just under her right ear, I sucked the skin into my mouth with a steady and hard pressure, feeling more wetness pooling on her thighs as she started making low throaty moans, the sounds literally pulling desire from my body.

I leaned back to admire my work, laughing as I could see she’d be sporting a brightly hued hickie for probably two weeks straight.”What’s wrong?” she said as a serious thought flew across my face. “What about work? What will you tell them when they ask about that?” She smiled impishly. “All I will say is I had an amazing night. They don’t need to know anything else.” Just like that, any worry I had flew away and I was once more consumed with exploring this new playground to my heart’s content.

I captured her lips with my own, delighting in how soft her mouth and skin were compared to a man’s body. She moaned into my mouth, causing more heat to rise in my belly, the noises she made were intoxicatingly erotic, as was the knowledge that I was creating them. I licked my way down her neck to her breasts, shyly reaching my hands to cup them, reeling at the softness of her skin and how wonderful they felt in my hands. Her areolas were flushed a really dark red, their circumfrence slightly larger than mine. I watched her nipple tighten as I blew hot air over it from inches away. “Lily, don’t tease me.” She said with a slight pout.

“Oh honey, I’m not trying to tease you, I’m just incredibly fascinated with your body right now, I want to bring you so much pleasure.” I sucked her nipple into my mouth, rolling it over and under my tongue, increasing the pressure and speed until another moan erupted from her. I moved to her other nipple, savoring the slightly salty sweetness of her skin, pulling at her breast with my mouth like a starveling babe. Her thighs bucked up against my slick skin, rubbing right at my clit and breaking my concentration. Her nipple popped from my mouth with a little suction sound, and she smiled up at me. “I love the way you lick and suck my breasts, it’s such a fucking turn on.” Although I had intended on leisurely taking my time exploring and learning her body’s secrets, a fierce hungry lust poured into me. I needed to taste the wetness of her, needed to make her body spasm as hard as she did mine.

She gave a tiny mewl of disappointment as I climbed off her thighs, clearly loving the way my body felt on her as much as I did. “Move up higher on the bed.” I motioned with my hand. “Put a small pillow just under your ass, you can push the rest of them out of the way.” She quickly complied, her lower body slightly raised up, her eyes watching me with heat as I lowered myself onto my belly with my face inches above her mons. I could see and smell the wetness coming from her lovely red velvet skin, her auburn gold pubic hair neatly trimmed to showcase her beautiful slit. I leaned forward and inhaled, she smelled slightly briny with a hint of some other smell I’d never encountered before, I could feel my mouth watering in response to her scent. I gently pushed her hips open, spreading her legs for greater area to access and licked her from the very bottom of her vagina to her hard and erect clit, reeling with desire at the sweetness of her juices. “Oh my god Lily, yes!Please eat me, suck my clit and fuck me with your fingers.” Her voice sounded breathless and aching, I look up at her and pull her folds into my mouth, sucking hard as I circle her clit with my tongue. She grabs my hair and strokes my head, as her body starts to buck in a rhythm against my mouth. I push slowly one then two fingers into her tight sheath, feeling her muscles clenching around them. My fingers find an easy gliding motion, her delicious juices pouring over my hand and mouth, lubricating their passage as I control her with tongue and hand.

“Oh yes, yes…. god yes!!” Her moans begin to esculate and I can taste a slight chemical change in her essence as she starts reaching her orgasm, her oceanic flavor taking on a tinge of alkaline, like licking a lime after shooting tequila. Her hold on my hair stiffens as she holds my mouth exactly where she wants it, bucking furiously against my lips and fingers. I start fingering her faster, sucking her clit with steady pressure, my own hips bucking with excitement. Finally with a huge shaking buildup, she explodes against me, coming hard all over my mouth and hand, her body rocking in convulsive waves as the aftershocks course through her. I keep a slow suction on her clit and quickly take her through another three or four orgasms, before she puts her hand to my lips to cease my motions. “I would love for you to keep doing that but my clit is oversensitive right now.”

I smile up at her and lick my lips and fingers clean. “I love your taste, you are incredibly exquisite on my tongue.” She pulls me down on top of her and I shiver in pleasure at the sensation of our breasts touching as she frenches me long and hard. Her hands grab my ass as one of her thighs snakes between mine, rubbing against my soaked opening, moving in slow intoxicating friction. I lift up a little to look her in the eyes. “Jess, I think we should go to the cinema more often.” She snorts a laugh at me before turning her attention back to more serious matters, her warm supple skin heating my body with an intense need. I think I can used to this, is the last thought I have for a great long while.