Grapevines & Lifelines

The goddess of humidity
is fishing this eve
sending emissaries condensed
in tear formed seeds,
energy transformed into
a trio of coexistent molecules
always seeking to join preexisting groups with the same simple tri-dynamic…the same yet always different atomic made arrangement
the only real prerequisite
to accepting life compatible
to our current span of knowledge.
We are aware our limitations
in knowing life unfettered
and seek every confirmation
of a greater higher power,
yet refuse in almost every sense
our responsibility of co-creation
when every drop of water
carries all of our intention
and we are taught from youngest
the power of ill intent
without understanding the truth
of our defense,
we are as tiny as can imagine
yet we are as equally


Memory & Smell

I love the smell of laundry
drying in machines
the smell of summer fading,
meadowsweet and ragweed
the ocean growing colder
while trees design their camo
preparing for a siege.
I love the taste of wanting
sweet upon the tongue
overflowing sounder wisdom;
take only what will come
free and true and willing
ever without guile…
for always is infinity,
but now is only a little while.
Drink the draught in life
that only e’er brings you pleasure
time is short in living,
fight for what you treasure.

To Those We Don’t (©2004)

I watched you step in your direction
and then gazed sadly into mine…
My voice was lost in introspection
my heart was lost in tests of time.
Your back was straight as you strode slowly, my feet
encased in leaden wood
I wonder if you ever knew me
but now I know you never could
The paths we take through life’s unwinding, their scenic vistas are often veiled
Each step we take is one more binding, but to those we don’t
our thoughts will dwell.