As the crystal clearly shatters.

Insanity is the demon that has been stalking me these past months.

How can I be anything but insane

when the very definition of insanity

is doing the same thing ad naseuam

while expecting different results each & every time.

Every time I reach closer

for someone’s heat to heal and soothe

my weary aching soul

I am dismissed to the personification

of inconvenient emotionally needy nobody.

Burned yet again

by the one light I have any desire to pull close to

now I finally truly realize

how far, how fast, how furious

needs must I fly.

No more closeness

no more hugs

no more words of any meaning.

All of you

grow weary of this monotonous voice

so I give you in return

everything I have ever received

from all of those of you whom I loved

deaf, indifferent apathy

and as the crystal clearly shatters

which fact will it be to you all

that matters,

the lack of a useful vessel for your convenience

or its song forever fading into silence?