Theological issues for debate concerning angels.

I’ve been reading some random comments posted by people on news articles concerning religious differences and conflicts that have happened. There inevitably are always hardcore fundies (fundamental Christians) who post scripture quotes as intellectual facts as the sole basis of their argument and are unable and/or unwilling to deviate from answers “given” in the Bible, since it would be heretical to base truth on something not spoken of within the Bible.
First it really hurts my brain and my heart to realize there are such people who are so full of faith they refuse to believe anything outside of a book is real.
Next, I have quite a few speculations I would love to have debated by informed theologians, these questions arise from finding instances of extreme contradictions and paradoxes.
#1 Angels are said to be created by God as his army, servants & heralds.
A: Why would an omnipotent and omniscient all powerful creator NEED an army? Wouldn’t the entirety of all that is inherent in being omnipotent  (all powerful) automatically negate a NEED for anything? On that same note there would likewise not be any needs for servants or heralds.
#2 Angels were created WITHOUT free will….. this is kinda important in the Christian faith since it emphasizes the privilege and importance placed upon mankind and sets up the stage for a doozy of a paradox. The premise is that God’s brightest star of an Angel ( Lucifer) became jealous and tried to overthrow  God in Heaven, was subsequently cast down to Hell and is the overseer of the damned. There’s a lot that doesn’t add up if one does adhere to the belief that God is omnipotent and omniscient and that angels were created without free will. Rebellion would be impossible if a being were unable to make choices, furthermore an omniscient creator would know everything about any being it created  and by default a lack of free will in a creation would mean the Creator deliberately created that being to attempt that Rebellion as God would know everything that has, is and will ever happen.
A: Why would such a Creator punish the creation it crafted for doing what it was created to do if in fact there wasn’t free will given to that being?
B: And once again I query why there would or even could be a Rebellion against a God who is omnipotent and omniscient? Knowing/seeing everything in its entirety and possessing all mighty power should logically mean such a thing never would have existed  as even a wisp of a  thought, or intention at all, nevermind an actual occurrence. One cannot stand behind the principles inherent in those concepts (all knowing, all powerful) and then iterate an instance which contradicts the Deity’s  scope of influence as being such.
With that in mind the question arises concerning free will.
C: An omnipotent and omniscient God will know EVERYTHING about its creations including the choices and actions its creation will make…. because of this there cannot be free will if God created knowing beforehand everything to come; for the willful intention of creation with knowledge of the future negates the possibility of free choice.
As a metaphor….
An engineer creates  flashlight which has the ability to switch between a blue light and a red light. He installs a circuit board which will randomly choose which color light flashes depending on the external and internal states of the flashlight, however as he is one who designed it, he knows which switch on the circuit board will be the most activated because he also knows and affects the external and internal states of the flashlight. Something cannot be considered random if it can happen over and over in sequence. And free will, as in the ability to make choices cannot exist if you are the precise design of an engineer that controls all the variables. The reason I equate free will with the concept of being randomized is because free will can theoretically encompass anything and is as such potentially unknowable, as is  something random.