those who never fire a gun
seem unaware
there will inevitably always be
of some kind & most probably deafness too
to the uninitiated & uneducated
in the finer points
of what it means, pulling triggers…
such Recoil might cause blindness, panic yet the animal mind keeps pushing on the trigger
Recoil, Recoil further trapped into
a sightless soundless void
the motion on automatic repeat
where even the ego is staggered
& concussed, reality consigned to a weightless irrational whimsy
Recoil, violently spring back
all your ammo, pointed bits of silence
the trigger pulled, some kind of one sided friendship
the concussion damning in its quiet
what haze of deluded contrivance
has your sense addled thoughts brought into being?
I stare out at your dark woods, ask why you cannot see me standing within,
you stare blankly, blindly out asking why you cannot see the trees.


When the fae is done

and once upon a time
was a fairy princess whose garden was lovely, her pool full of magical &wondrous fish
And she, not content with all her bounty…dared to make a wish
The first thief came, devoured the rich magics of her heart & she wept to see her pool clear & empty of fish
Still an ignorant girl, she again prayed upon the moon to take the growing emptiness in her heart, wishing for bright light to illuminate the falling dark….
The second thief stole in guise of passing seasons, turning the trees into ghosts & skeletons, all the flowers forgotten blossoms
& the grapes rotting unloved upon the chilled ground & even the sun turned his face in mourning away from the desolate garden.
She lost her voice, began to grow old & weary long before her time
and though by now she knew her folly, she was as trapped in her course as the rivers which must gallop to the sea and even knowing this still she wished with all her being in the blizzard wracked garden
an icy monument to love,
“see me, know me, please leave me not ever alone, let me know you are there still, this is all I ask of you”
the ice grew great & heavy its edges razor sharp until the cruel and biting winds pressed it deep into the lining of the pool, & her frozen empty heart was rent and torn within; the frigid lifeless water pouring freely into frozen earth
no finer home now the magic has been taken, love will never find a welcome in a heart that is forsaken
all the wishing in the world cannot
give what is already had
& wanting more than you’ve been given has too high a price
soon enough will come the thieves
to take away the life, the magic
leaving broken empty hearts
covered completely in the ice
When all the fae have disappeared
fled from this barren garden
& even birds shy away
No voice, no music now to ever fill the air in this place
& the fairy princess worn & shattered wishing she could forget her face, but the magic is gone all used up &now cannot ever be replaced.