It’s 3 in the morning… I am a jester for feeling

How does your intense regard thus have me reeling?

With preferences illustrated clearly, concise

why do I question your motive or vice?

Resonance intrudes each & every time & a clear understanding that I COULD indeed make you mine.

I deliberately stumble, I plan in truth to obscure, the reason, the means, of searching for more.

Please don’t take heed

of my silly feeling…

even though I am certain

it’s a strong premonition…

I am still reeling.


The danger of contemplation

Put a shroud around that which
might otherwise be whole
a careful contemplation
of the atomic weight of soul.
Ignore all the imperfections
in this struggle for control,
focus your diluted energy on that you see and know, disregard the affection lancing through your core… realize expectation is the fiend you’re fighting for,
a hollow shadowed maybe
in the quest of something more.
Do we breathe without believing,
do we feel without perceiving
are we hollow without feeling,
just radios receiving
the frequency we are
programmed for enabling,
devoid of self reflection
primed for genuflection
lost in contemplation in the quest
for true direction?
Are we tripping through the cosmos
unaware and sleeping
in the fractured thought that being equals seeing?
What universe entire
only in this, MY SOUl…
What exquisite madness,
what infinite toll?