Thoughts of Another Dimension

Children walk on their toes,

oblivious to the expectations of “norm” once they achieve upright mobility, children rise to their utmost height extending their ligaments to toddle on their toes.

They are present in themselves,

naturally curious of their environs, they adopt a stance which allows greater visibility and observation of their immediate surroundings.

Adults curl their toes toward Earth and generally walk flat-footed, their internal gravity assisted by subconscious impetus urging stability and conservation of movement. They do not usually walk on their tiptoes. Children “fly ” about with great energy because they are not yet anchored to Earth.

Gravity and the wisdom and discretion to understand and appreciate it comes with time, age and the inertia of gravity itself.

The hearts and minds of children are free & light; age, environment and time weigh slowly but surely upon all beings.

Forget the weight and gravity of your pain and past… we are all beings of light , we only forget that we can always skip on our toes.