Assumptions of indeterminate origin…

Hey you…

I hope you read this

I am an optimistic cynic after all.

I frightened you somehow & truly don’t know why.

I don’t have any ulterior motives, I genuinely just wished to be your friend.

I harbor no ill will lovey, though I am confused and hurt seeking understanding in how I surely gave offense.

Be honest with me if you can be considerate enough to just be real even if it is abrasive raw or utterly condemning… I prefer the cold truth over silence, fabrication & being ignored. I am not judging you I just hope you can explain what happened.

The cynic in me believes this post is pointless because you washed your hands of me, the optimist hopes you will at least have the decency to respond.

Light & Laughter to you AKC, I never intended any harm or offense and wish you only the best.


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